Sandy Linked to Global Warming

by Project Censored
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In November 2012, Daily Censored reported the link between hurricane Sandy and global warming. When hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States in early November of 2012, many people just thought it was a mere coincidence. Contrary to popular belief, this super storm Sandy can actually be linked to a human causation – global warming. With the rising temperature of the Atlantic Ocean and changing of tides, this devastating hurricane could in fact be partly due to human destruction of the environment. Frankenstorm Sandy is exactly what climate scientists have predicted – more extreme weather events as global climate disruption gathers strength

Although corporate media has mentioned the link between Sandy and global climate change, now that the storm has passed, so has its media coverage. The New York Times along with the LA Times have both acknowledged and then disregarded the subject all together. This link between super storms and global warming is something that needs attention before an even more devastating disaster occurs.

Title: Monster at the Gate: Frankenstorm Sandy and Global Climate Disruption
Author: John Reimann”
Daily Censored  11/1/12

Student Researcher: Michelle Johnson, Sonoma State University
University Faculty Evaluator: Elaine Wellin, Sonoma state University