Schools More Segregated Today

by Project Censored
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Researcher:  Rena Hawkins

Faculty Evaluator:  Sangeeta Sinha, Ph.D.

Southwest Minnesota State University

Schools are more segregated today then when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Segregation has increased not only based upon race but children from different classifications, Teachers curriculum, the government and also the test that are given to students to test their level of knowledge.  The no child left behind act in all actuality has left African American and Latin American children with the most dropout rate since the act has been in effect. Of the reported graduates 28.4% were white, 18.5% were black, and 12.4% were Latino. As you can see that the white over all have a big lead on the students of color. The students of color don’t even reach the 20% tile they are still below in many areas as far as school goes. Which there are many reasons for that and just for examples teachers, government, neighborhoods, gangs, and parents. The research shows that segregation is more in affect in the southern states and also California. The outcome of students graduating from high school; finding a job as they move into adulthood is very low, because  they  don’t  have the knowledge that is needed to face real life situations in order to graduate from school and live a normal life.

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