Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA

by Project Censored
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Black Hawk Dawn, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo, those are only a few major recent productions showing how today’s movie industry promotes US foreign policy. But the motion picture has been used for propaganda since the beginning of the 20th century and Hollywood’s cooperation with the Department of Defense, the CIA and other government agencies is no modern trend.

Global Research brings to our attention the problem we face that George Orwell so clearly defined as rehistory. A process in which the government, through the means of Hollywood, are rewriting the facts of what has actually happened, to be more suitable to their own public perception. They believe that if they retell us stories like ARGO, a movie dealing with the Iranian hostage situation, we will more likely support the government in going to war with Iran.

“Michelle Obama awarding Ben Affleck’s Argo the Oscar for best movie, the industry showed how close it is to Washington.” Our government believes they can pull the wool over our eyes and show us only what they want us to see. There is hope for the internet brings us complete freedom to do as we please. Technology will become ever more immersive and as long and as no one is at the rains we will be fine. But once this power falls into the hand as the like of Hollywood, then we will be in trouble. If this article is aimed at doing anything it is this, do not support Hollywood blockbusters they are the ideals of the few meant to brainwash the many.
The latest award-winning movie productions show that the Manichean view of the world put forward by the US foreign policy agenda has not changed since the Cold War.

The Hollywood-CIA alliance is alive and well and still portrays America as the “leader of the free world” fighting “evil” around the world: The interlocking of Hollywood and national security apparatuses remains as tight as ever: ex-CIA agent Bob Baer told us, “There’s a symbiosis between the CIA and Hollywood” […] Baer’s claims are given weight by the Sun Valley meetings, annual get-togethers in Idaho’s Sun Valley in which several hundred of the biggest names in American media –including every major Hollywood studio executive– convene to discuss collective media strategy for the coming year.

Title: Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and CIA
Author: Julie Levesque
Source: February 28, 2013 Global Research
Student Researcher: Matthew Galvez, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Vi Eperson, Santa Rosa Junior College