Secretive US Arms Tycoon behind New Uranium Mine in Australia

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A US mining company is threatening the sacred lands of Aboriginal peoples in Australia. In the outback of the Southern Australian Adelaide and Flinders Ranges, the United States weapons and energy producing giant: Quasar Resources is venturing with Alliance Resources to mine over 3.9 million tons of U308, also known as yellowcake or depleted uranium from the newly discovered Four Mile Mine.  Quasar is controlled by billionaire James Neil Blue, who holds over a billion dollars in Pentagon contracts for energy and weapons manufacturing. Blue was instrumental in designing the unmanned Predator aircraft currently being used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The local communities, traditional owners, and Adnyamathanha Aboriginals are outraged with the Australian government, stating that their voices haven’t been heard during the negotiations for the Four Mile uranium mine, and that Quasar Resources and the Government are simply ignoring their cultural and health concerns.  The other uranium enriched Beverly Mine, located next to the Four Mile Mine has already had a recorded 59 spills of radioactive material since the past decade, according to the South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Resources. Mining U308 is highly dangerous and can cause dermatitis, renal damage and acute necrotic arterial lesions and death.

Title: Secretive US Arms Tycoon behind New Uranium Mine in Australia

Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald      7/16/2009


Author: Ben Cubby

Student Researcher: Eric Herbert

Faculty Evaluator: Irv Peterson, ENSP

Sonoma State University: Sociology of Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Phillips,  #04