Several Good Reasons To Have A Copy Of Censored 2011 Permanently On Your Home Bookshelf

by Project Censored

It is time to be armed intellectually against the creeping repression of civil liberties, and an emerging police state. It is time to be able to speak up on important social issues of our day and it is time to tell your loudmouth uncle Rudy what is really happening in the US and the world.

Censored 2011 addresses the Truth Emergency as an important issue inside the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Complex, in that there is a deliberate news management effort that undermines the freedom of information on the manipulations of the powerful military/corporate elites though overt censorship, mass distractions and artificial news— stories timed for release to influence public opinion (i.e., propaganda).

Censored 2011 includes a full analysis of the patterns of State Crimes Against Democracy (SCADs) by the US Government including: assassinations, Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate Break in, Iran-contra, election fraud and more.

Censored 2011 has an in depth review of the collapse of Building Seven on September 11, 2001, and the reasons over 1,400 architects and engineers believe that the collapse of Building Seven in the World Trade Center complex was due to demolitions.

Censored 2011, contains twenty-four stories of hope on how community activists are challenging the powerful and making the world a better place from the bottom up.

Censored 2011, features a researched review of the pre-war lies regarding the invasion and occupations of Iraq challenging us all to not be fooled again by top-down corporate media propaganda.

Censored 2011 presents a factual from-the-ground review of Israel’s continued violation of international law in Palestine.

Arm yourself against the on-going on-slot of mis-information talk radio and foxy TV news lies. Censored 2011 is 458 pages of important documented information for activists and believers in democracy and freedom of information. It is still only $19.95 on-line at:


Censored 2011
Edited By Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips

The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2009-10 – Seven Stories Press, NY