Sharyl Attkisson and Rachael Jolley

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Sharyl Attkisson and Rachael Jolley

In the first half of the show, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson shares ideas from her new book “Slanted. “ She contends that in recent years corporate and government forces have dramatically expanded their intervention into the conduct of journalism, to the extent that some types of investigative stories can no longer be reported.

Then Rachael Jolley, former editor-in-chief for the Index on Censorship joins the program from the UK to explain how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the work of reporters – in Europe and elsewhere. She notes that even while the pandemic has squeezed media outlets’ revenue, communities are searching for reliable local news more than they previously did.


Sharyl Attkisson has reported for CBS News, CNN and PBS. She now hosts her own Sunday program “Full Measure”
on Sinclair Broadcasting that airs in over 80 markets. Her web site is

Rachael Jolley wrote for several UK newspapers, is currently a research fellow at Sheffield University, and writes for the Reuters Institute of Journalism at Oxford University. She also was editor-in-chief of the Index on Censorship magazine.
She is now an editor at Eurozine.