Smoking Link to Miscarriage  

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According to Edinburgh scientist there is a link between a chemical in cigarettes, called Cotinine and ectopic pregnancies. The chemical Cotinine is said to increase the protein in the fallopian tubes. The specific name for this protein is called PROKR1 and is said to raise the risk of an egg implanting outside the womb by up to four times. There are more than thirty-thousand ectopic pregnancies each year, with about ninety-eight percent of them being that the egg is implanted in the fallopian tubes. About one in fifty women in the Western world, have ectopic pregnancy; which makes it the leading cause of United States, maternal mortality in the first three months of pregnancy.
A study was done in Scotland, which analyzed data on about thirty-one thousand women in their mid twenties. The study tells the best time to try and get pregnant again after one’s first miscarriage. About forty-one percent were pregnant again within six months of the miscarriage, twenty-five percent six to twelve months later, ten percent after twelve to eighteen months, six percent eighteen to twenty-four months later and eighteen percent after twenty-four months. Women who conceived again within six months had the best outcomes and fewest complications; including less chance for caesarean section. Many women had to get a caesarean section after the six month of a miscarriage.

Publication Source: BBC News
Publication Date: September 27, 2010
Author: Linda Searing

Faculty Evaluator: Jeanette H. Koshar, Sonoma State University
Student Researcher : Danielle Ritenour, October 11, 2010
Corporate media Coverage: Washington Post,