Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

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Research at UCLA shows that while smoking marijuana damages cells in respiratory tissue but somehow it prevents the cells from becoming malignant. Something in Marijuana exerts an anti-cancer effect, reports UCLA Medical School professor Donald Tashkin. Tashkin’s team interviewed 1,210 cancer patients and found that increased marijuana use did not increase cancer, where as smoking tabacco clearly was related to cancer. Tashkin found that even the very heavy marijuana smokers showed no increased incidence of the three cancers studied.  Although no association between marijuana and cancer was found, the study findings, presented to the American Thoracic Society International Conference this week, did find 20-fold increase in lung cancer among people who smoked two or more packs of cigarettes a day. Other important findings from this study are that THC has been shown to promote apoptosis and to counter angiogenesis.

Title: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer

Author: Fred Gardner

Source:, Date; August 28, 2009


Student Researcher, Steven Rutherford

Community Evaluator: Sean Doherty

Sonoma State University:  Sociology of Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Phillips, #26