South Asian Climate Trouble

by Project Censored
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South Asian countries face a catastrophic impacts from global climate change. At a UN Summit in Sept 2010, several people stressed the importance of the UN taking charge on the issue of a climate change in South Asian countries. These nations and other less developed countries with high poverty rates, poor economic infrastructure, and health problems are going to face the effects of climate change before anyone else. They have already experienced floods, hurricanes and droughts due to change in climate. With rising sea levels in areas where fishing is depended on, and powerful storms arising, countries cannot wait for the world to act.

There is great importance for investing in disaster-risk reduction and preparedness; it saves more lives than if we were to wait until disaster has already struck. The support of the international community is crucial to the survival of these endangered countries. Though delegates expressed disappointment over the failure of the UN member states to agree on a binding treaty on climate change last year, they are preparing to bring their ideas to a UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Cancun later this year.

Title: Averting the Grimmest Scenarios
Author: Amanda Bransford
Publication: IPS News, Sept 22, 2010
Student Researcher: Chelsea Silva @ SSU
Faculty Evaluator: Kimberly Ramos @ SSU