Special Guests John Cobb and Lisa Wells

The Living Earth Movement, and Making A Life At The End Of The World

by Project Censored
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Special Guests John Cobb and Lisa Wells

Mickey’s guest for the first half of the program is the theologian and philosopher John Cobb; their topic is the Living Earth Movement. Cobb explains the need for humanity to change its behavior so as to live in harmony with all other life on the planet. Addressing U.S. politics, Cobb stresses the need for cooperation with China, rather than confrontation. In the second half-hour, we hear a rebroadcast of a summer 2021 Project Censored Zoom event featuring poet and author Lisa Wells; she spoke about her new book Believers: Making A Life At The End Of The World, for which she interviewed people around the world who were working to make positive changes in their local environments, undeterred by the specter of catastrophic climate change.

John Cobb is an eminent theologian, philosopher and environmentalist. He taught at the Claremont Colleges in California, has authored over 50 books, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Lisa Wells is a poet and author based in Portland, Oregon. Her conversation with Mickey Huff took place as a Zoom event in the summer of 2021, sponsored by KPFA-FM (Berkeley, CA) and Project Censored.

Music-break info:
1) “Let’s Work Together” by Canned Heat
2) “Who’s Going To Save Us From Ourselves” by Styx
3) “Something In The Air” by Thunderclap Newman

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