Special Guests Nicholas Baham, III, Anthony DiMaggio

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Special Guests Nicholas Baham, III, Anthony DiMaggio

This week’s program focuses on the media’s response to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Mickey’s first guest is ethnic studies professor Nicholas Baham, III, who outlines his “Covid Chronicles,” a continuing collection of interviews from people around the US — especially from communities neglected in corporate media — about how the coronavirus is affecting their lives. In the second half of the program, political scientist Anthony DiMaggio explains how big media has been unable to hold Trump to account on the pandemic; he also examines why right-wing protests against social distancing have received more news coverage than the much more significant actions of “front-line” retail workers and medical personnel.


Nicholas Baham, III is professor of ethnic studies at California State University, East Bay, and is the creator of the “Covid Chronicles,” which airs on the Along the Line Podcast that Baham co-hosts with Nolan Higdon. It’s housed at the Project Censored website. Anthony DiMaggio is professor of political science at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He is author of numerous scholarly books and is a frequent contributor to Counterpunch.org. His most recent article can be found here