Stem Cell Research Controversy Stemming From India

by Project Censored
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In India hundreds of desperate patients are willing to be human guinea pigs in stem cell treatments. Stem cells are cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division. There are hospitals and clinics in India that have provided unregistered treatments for neurological, cardiological and reproductive areas of medicine.

Dr. Pushpa Bhargav, senior scientist and former director of the Hyderabad-Based Center of Molecular Biology said, “I would have forgiven (stem cell therapy clinics) if their objective was to treat a patient. But the patients are being used for money. How many have been cured? None that I know of.” Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) director general Dr. V.M. Katoch told IPS that he was “very concerned” that such cases were only “hearsay”. However, he said that there are changes on the way to better regulate and build up the development in the field.

Title: Stemming Experiments in Stem Cells
Author: Keya Archarya
Source: The Internet Press Service, February 19 2011
URL: http://ipsnews.ney/print.asp?idnews=54466

Student Researcher: Erica Chavez, Sonoma State University
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Lin Ph.D., Sonoma State University