Students Turning to Prostitution and Stripping

by Project Censored
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Although prostitution has traditionally been labeled as immoral and degrading, college students are turning to prostitution and stripping as a new, innovative type of work in attempts to save up money for tuition required of higher educational institutions and general future life plans. Students who begin to engage in sex work, such as private escort services, often identify themselves as “sex-positive” and sexually experimental. One Canadian college student who began work as an escort stated that the transition was “fairly natural.” He believes that the work is ultimately what you make it. Similarly, he views his work as extremely rewarding as he assists his clients in exploring their sexuality, sexual desires, fantasies and curiosities. He is part of a number of students who have taken work in the sex industry as a source of income. “Participation in sex work: students’ views,” a UK study published in May 2010 by the journal Sex Education, found that 16.5 percent of undergraduate students would consider working in the sex industry and that 93 percent identified money as one of their main motivations. The same study found that 11 percent would consider taking a job as an escort. Although prostitution is illegal in the United States, some researchers are concluding that decriminalization is one feminist strategy for helping women lead better, sexually free lives.

Title: Students Turning to Prostitution and Stripping

Publication: AlterNet, The Ubyssey

Date: November 21, 2010

Author: Joanna Chiu


Student: Kayla Peirano – Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: James Dean – Sociology Professor, Sonoma State University