Tax Time Difficulty for Same-Sex Couples

by Project Censored
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As the end of the year is looming near, same-sex couples are finding it difficult to complete state and federal tax returns. While the couples have benefited from taxes in a state level, their unions are not recognized on the federal level. Couples must pay federal taxes on “employer-sponsored benefits provided to a partner.” Nine states; California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon and the District of Columbia are involved with the new tax filing situation. Couples married in California between June 16, 2008 and Nov. 4, 2008, must also file under “married.” While the couples do not receive the recognition and benefits of being legally married, they are required to pay the same taxes or perhaps pay extra on their federal tax return as a traditional married couple. Software, such as Turbo Tax, has made the new filing process easier for the same-sex couples.

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Student Researchers: Amy Block & Aimee Caneva, CSU Fresno
Faculty Evaluator: Sari Dworkin, Ph.D. CSU Fresno