The American Empire’s Quick Collapse

by Project Censored
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The article, “4 Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire” by Alfred W. McCoy states that the American empire is in a downward collapse that could, “come far more quickly than anyone imagines”.  The government maintains that the end of American global domination will end slowly around 2050 and that we will still “retain unique military capabilities… to project military power globally”. However, estimates for the actual timetable for the collapse of the American Empires is now being judges to happen around 2025.

The Bush administrations invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan as the beginning of the imminent downfall. McCoy cites economic decline, oil shock, military misadventure and World War III as the four scenarios that will coalesce into the end of America as a global power. Our current economic situation will continue to decline to the point of bankruptcy due to high inflation and the end of the dollar as the reserve currency. Oil prices will continue to increase as demand rises and availability sinks.

The occupation of Iraq will continue through the years with increasingly less success. Finally, America will fall to China as the world’s new power because of our lack of educated scientists, bankrupt government, and subpar military that has overreached its ability.

Title: 4 Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire
Published: Alternet, 12/5/2010
Author: Alfred W. McCoy

Faculty Evaluator:   Sonoma State University
Student: Jordan Hall  2/10/11 Sonoma State University