The Commons

by Adam

Free Your (Eco)Mind
(Frances Moore Lappé, YES Magazine) Think like an ecosystem — and you just might save the world. We humans are creatures of the mind. We perceive the world according to our assumptions. And we’re stuck with a mental map that is life-destroying…. a map of lack—not enough of anything. Nature is abundant and has much to teach us…

All That We Share
(Jay Walljasper YES! Magazine) Welcome to a new kind of movement—one that reshapes how we think about ownership and cooperation. The commons refers to valuable assets that belong to everyone. Some are entirely new—like Wikipedia and some are as old as the air we breathe…

Is It Time to Occupy the Commons?
(Alexa Bradley YES! Magazine) The Occupy Wall Street Forum on the Commons.

Health & the Environment
(News Cluster, Ch. 1, Censored 2012), by Elaine Wellin and Kristen Seraphin. “Corporate media frame environmental events, issues, and health outcomes as isolated events, denying… the complex interconnectedness of ecosystems and effects on individuals within them”…

Signs of Health & Emerging Culture — Stories of Hope and Creative Change
(Ch. 4, Censored 2012), by Kenn Burrows. “This is a chapter about “Good News”… yet, first we have bad news to explore: Business as usual is not working – for people or the planet. And we’re facing a fundamental revision of human culture”…

Great Commons of the World,
(Kari McGinnis YES! Magazine) Commons are not just public spaces… They’re much more than that. Commons are places where people gather and community blossoms.

Magna Carta Manifesto
(Peter Linebaugh, University of California Press, 2008). Book Review by Andy Roth. “Linebaugh provides a historically-grounded interpretation of Magna Carta to “put the commons back on the agenda”….

Discussion Guide: Reclaiming the Commons (YES! Magazine)