The Confluence of Surveillance and Censorship and Violence Against Journalists

Featuring Heidi Boghosian, Andy Lee Roth, and Clayton Weimers

by Project Censored
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The Confluence of Surveillance and Censorship and Violence Against Journalists

In the first half of the show, Mickey talks with attorney and author Heidi Boghosian and Project Censored associate director Andy Lee Roth about the confluence of surveillance and censorship, and how that impacts journalism. Many people believe they have nothing to hide online, but that myth is dispelled by today’s guests as they address everyday precautions citizens can take to defend their privacy online. Later, Clayton Weimers of Reporters Without Boarders joins the discussion with Mickey and Andy to address the rising incidences of violence (or threats of violence) against journalists, how they should be confronted, and the impacts they have on a free press and society at large.


  • Heidi Boghosian is executive director of the AJ Muste Institute, and former executive director of the National Lawyers Guild. Her most recent book is I Have Nothing to Hide, And 20 Other Myths About Surveillance and Privacy.
  • Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored, co-editor of the Project’s annual volume of censored stories, and co-coordinator of the Project’s Campus Affiliates Program. He has published widely on media issues, including most recently, The Deadly Business of Reporting Truth.
  • Clayton Weimers directs the Washington DC bureau office of Reporters Without Borders, an international institution which works to protect journalists around the world; it also publishes the annual “Press Freedom Index” ranking of countries around the world on press freedom issues.

Hosts: Mickey Huff and Eleanor Goldfield

Producers: Anthony Fest and Eleanor Goldfield