The Controversy of Larry James – Past Chief Psychologist at Guantanamo

by Project Censored
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On March 25th 2011, Dr. Larry James, retired Army Colonel and 2003 Chief Psychologist at Guantanamo, shared his excitement as a newly appointee to the White House’s task force termed, “Enhancing the Well-Being of the Military Family”.  After numerous allegations of his involvement in the psychotic degradation of Guantanamo’s inmates and being banned in the two states (Louisiana and Ohio) where he is licensed to practice due to formal ethics complaints made by human rights activists, mental health professionals and veterans. James disclosed in an email that the White House (specifically, Michelle Obama) had chosen him to manage the health of the military and their families, and that he would be attending a related White House meeting on Tuesday, March 29th.

Only a matter of hours later, the First Lady’s Communications Director denied James’ involvement and asserted the meeting James claimed to be attending was coincidental and they are denying him access.

If James’ attendance had remained a private matter, his presence at the meeting might not have been denied.  An incident such as this makes one skeptical whether James’ involvement will now be terminated, remain confidential or had ever existed at all.  The discrepancies arouse suspicion and will be closer watched by citizens and more closely monitored by the government, the truth relentlessly wavering.

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Student Researcher: Natasha Berg, San Francisco State University
Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows, San Francisco State University