The Horrors Perpetrated By Fake Christian Abortion Clinics

by Project Censored
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South Dakota has passed legislation requiring every woman seeking an abortion to be assisted by a Fake Clinic. These differ from normal abortion clinics in that they have an agenda for the patient. Their hidden goals are designed to “frighten and shame a woman who knows it is not the right time for her to have a baby.” Scare tactics include showing anti-abortion videos or linking abortion to breast cancer. Volunteers at such clinics are not bad people, but have the mind set they are following some higher law.

There are millions of stories of women having negative experiences at fake clinics. A spy was sent into some of these to see how they are getting to women and reactions from the patients at what they are told. Many were told they would die if carried through with the procedure. There should be now doubt by now that the insane barrage of anti abortion legislation in state after state is based in total disrespect for women.

Title: The Horrors Perpetrated by Fake Christian Clinics
Source: Alternet: 3/27/11
Author: Charlotte Taft

Student Resercher: Craig Cekala
Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University