The Need for Corporate Campaign Finance Reform

by Project Censored
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The recent Supreme Court decision to recognize corporations’ rights to exercise free speech the way individuals do represents a step backward in the area of campaign finance reform. The connection between the flow of money and the way the government is run obvious and will only become more so with this new avenue for cash to flow into the pockets of those who will be elected. The media will not rise up in order to combat this abuse since they stand to make millions of dollars by running more campaign ads and other tie ins on their networks. According to a recent Washington Post poll, eight out of ten Americans polled oppose the ruling with sixty- five percent “strongly opposed.” The ruling is seeing opposition from both parties according to the poll with eighty-five percent of Democrats opposed and seventy-six percent of Republicans opposed. Congress is currently working on both sides of the aisle toward legislation which will legally limit the amounts that can be spent in elections.


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Student Researcher: Mike McGovern

Faculty Evaluator: Doug Simon, Ph.D.

Faculty Instructor: Teresa B. Henning, Ph.D.

Southwest Minnesota State University