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The Project Censored Show Covers Racism, Ukraine Crisis, Censorship of RT America

The Project Censored Show has featured a series of timely and hard-hitting broadcasts this past month. Eleanor Goldfield hosted a program on immigration and the roots of US racism. She spoke with independent journalist Ben Norton on immigration issues and Latin American politics. She also talked with peace and justice organizer Eugene Puryear, who explained racism’s deep roots in US history and the significance of Black History Month. Historian Peter Kuznick returned to talk with Mickey Huff about the crisis in Ukraine and author/activist Harvey Wasserman addressed the looming threats of nuclear war and the vulnerability of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants to Russian military strikes. Kuznick and Wasserman each pointed to the roles of the  US and NATO in provoking the Russian invasion.

Mickey spoke with reporter Danielle McLean, the first open trans board member at the Society of Professional Journalists, about the perilous state of US journalism. (McLean wrote the foreword for Project Censored’s State of the Free Press 2022). In that same program, Eleanor Goldfield sat down to speak with Nolan Higdon and Mickey about their new critical thinking textbook, Let’s Agree to Disagree (Routledge, 2022), which focuses on communication, conflict management, and critical media literacy education as pathways  beyond the political divisiveness promoted by corporate media.

Lee CampFinally, Eleanor addressed the extraordinary censorship of Russian media, including especially RT America, with comedian/journalist Lee Camp, whose show “Redacted Tonight” aired on RT for eight years. Chris Garaffa, of Tech For the People, also joined the program to talk about the shutdown of Sputnik radio in the US and EU. A regular contributor to Sputnik, Garaffa noted how US-based technology and media corporations have worked with the US government and its allies to prevent Americans from hearing Russian points of view. Garaffa also offered advice to Americans on how to circumvent such censorship.

The Project Censored Show, founded in 2010 by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff at KPFA in Berkeley, CA, is our weekly public affairs program on Pacifica Radio that airs on some 50 stations across the US. All previous programs are archived at our website.

State of the Free Press 2023 Impacts News Coverage of Oceanic Microplastics Pollution

One basic aim of Project Censored is to raise public awareness of important news stories that have not received the attention they deserve. The Project scored a success of this sort when the Independent Media Institute picked up the #5 story from State of the Free Press 2022Microplastics and Toxic Chemicals Increasingly Prevalent in World’s Oceans. After the Independent Media Institute’s Earth|Food|Life featured the Project’s coverage on March 1, 2022, additional outlets, including Counter Currents (March 1),  Nation of Change (March 3), NewsClick (March 3), New Europe (March 7),  IEyeNews (March 15),and (March 2022) republished the report.

Project Censored ‘On the Mic’

Interest in State of the Free Press 2022 continues to drive interview invitations for us to discuss the Project’s mission and work. In late February, Project director Mickey Huff joined Krish Mohan in conversation on Taboo Table Talk. This month, associate director Andy Lee Roth appeared on the Gorilla Radio Show with Chris Cook, the Nicole Sandler Show, and on KZFR Community Radio’s Ecotopia with Susan Tchudi and Steve Tchudi. Huff discussed government-, corporate-, and self-censorship with David Feldman on the David Feldman Show. Finally, Mickey Huff and Nolan Higdon were featured on the podcast for PropWatch to discuss “Overcoming Polarization.” They spoke with PropWatch’s Mike Gordon and Johannah James about their new book, Let’s Agree to Disagree, to address the growing issue of hyper-partisanship, the media’s role in sowing division, the breakdown in civil discourse, and suggested ways to re-engage with those across the political divide, and why it matters.

We would like to thank Lorna Garano of Lorna Garano Book Publicity for representing us and helping to get our work more into the public eye.

March 28 Deadline for Summer Student Internship Applications

Summer InternsMonday, March 28th is the deadline for undergraduate students interested in independent journalism and critical media literacy to apply for one of Project Censored’s summer internships. No previous experience in journalism is necessary, but strong writing skills and careful attention to detail are a must. The Project especially encourages students of color, students from working-class backgrounds, women, LGBTQ+ people, and students from other traditionally-marginalized communities to apply. Follow this link for more about the program, and how to apply.

 State of the Free Press 2022 eBook and Teaching Guide

The eBook version of State of the Free Press 2022 is now available. Packed with all the critical analysis and inspiring perspectives featured in the print edition, the eBook costs just $7.19 and is available immediately on purchase. We think the e-version of the yearbook is especially useful for teachers and students.

You can order the eBook version of State of the Free Press 2022 directly from our publishing partner, Seven Stories Press.

We also remind educators that the Project’s Teaching Guide for State of the Free Press 2022 is available, at no charge, from our website. The Guide shows how State of the Free Press 2022 can help students understand the significance of news media, evaluate the scope of press freedom in the United States, and appreciate media activism as an opportunity for community engagement and social responsibility.

To keep up-to-date on the stories we’re tracking check the Validated Independent News feature on our website. We welcome story nominations. The deadline for stories to be considered for the current story cycle is March 31, 2022.