The Project Censored Newsletter- March 2024

by Kate Horgan

State of the Free Press 2024 in the News

Mickey Huff appeared on The Thom Hartmann Program to discuss State of the Free Press 2024 and the importance of independent journalism and critical media literacy amid a rise in news deserts. Mickey also spoke about this year’s book with Steve Grumbine for a recent episode of Macro N Cheese.

Heidi Boghosian and Marjorie Cohn interviewed the Project’s Mischa Geracoulis for Law and Disorder Radio, where they discussed pro-Israel media bias in US newspapers, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

Payday Report celebrated its #6 spot in Project Censored’s Top 25 list of Censored Stories in State of the Free Press 2024. Project Censored recognized Payday Report’s Mike Elk for his coverage of the significant role that workers of color have played in “driving labor’s current upsurge.”

Francesca Rheannon of Writer’s Voice hosted Andy Lee Roth for a discussion about trust and partisan bias in journalism, the influence of intelligence agencies on Big Tech, and the State of the Free Press 2024.

Project Censored and the Censored Press attended the Tucson Festival of Books March 9-10. Our staff was so grateful to connect with longtime supporters and others excited to learn more about the Project, and, of course, be able to give away some fresh new stickers and buttons to fellow champions of media literacy.

Alongside the Media Education Foundation, Project Censored co-sponsored the Silver Screen War Machine: Decoding the Military-Entertainment Complex. The event featured experts on US militarism and propaganda, including Mnar Adley, Robin Andersen, Fatooma Saad, and Roger Stahl, with the Project’s own Mickey Huff as moderator and host, to discuss Theaters of War: How the Pentagon & CIA Took Hollywood, a recent documentary about the US military’s editorial control of Hollywood films and TV.

Upcoming Events

Mickey Huff will be a featured speaker for Independent Media Week in Ashland, Oregon, April 17-18. He will be giving talks at several venues, including Southern Oregon University and the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, on the state of the free press and the importance of critical media literacy education. Stay tuned for more details!

The Censored Press Happenings

The Progressive published Julian Assange’s Last Chance to Avoid Extradition by Kevin Gosztola, author of Guilty of Journalism. In his Progressive article, Gosztola warns, “Prosecuting Assange gives a green light to countries around the world that it is possible to protect their government secrets by charging international reporters or editors with crimes.” For more on Kevin’s latest activities, see the sections on Dispatches on Media and Politics and The Project Censored Show, below.

Going Remote: A Teacher’s Journey, which the American Library Association recently recognized as one of the best graphic novels of 2023, was just featured at Authors on the Move. Adam Bessie, who wrote Going Remote, and Peter Glanting, who illustrated it, along with Mickey Huff from the Censored Press, were at “Sacramento’s Premier Literary Event,” hosted by the Sacramento Literacy Foundation and now in its 22nd year. Follow this link for more information.

The Electronic Intifada published an article by Omar Zahzah, “Kidnapped” Posters Serve Genocidal Sentiment. The posters depicting Israeli captives taken during the launching of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on 7 October “have played a concerning role in the targeting of activists for Palestine across the country,” Zahzah writes. Zahzah’s forthcoming book, Terms of Servitude, an in-depth examination of links between Zionism, Silicon Valley, and digital colonialism in the Palestinian liberation struggle, will be published by the Censored Press and Seven Stories Press.

Allison Butler, coauthor of The Media and Me, was quoted in an article, Building Media Literacy into School Curriculums Worldwide, published by News Decoder, a global news education service for young people.

Project Censored Dispatches on Media and Politics

Steve Macek examines the potentially damaging effects of the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) in his latest Dispatch, Despite Its Popularity, The Kids Online Safety Act Won’t Help Young People, It Will Hurt Them. Although the latest iteration of the bill has been celebrated by conservative groups as a means to guard children “against the harms of sexual and transgender content,” Macek argues that KOSA “represents a massive expansion of government censorship that will cut young people off from legal and, in some cases, potentially life-saving content.”

In his most recent Dispatch, The Press Freedom Case of the Century, author Kevin Gosztola updates readers on the stagnated case of Julian Assange, who has been confined in London’s Belmarsh prison since 2019, despite a continuous global outcry of support. Gosztola cautions, “If the US government puts the WikiLeaks founder on trial, it will not only threaten the First Amendment in the United States but also imperil investigative journalism everywhere around the world.”

avram anderson and Shealeigh Voitl authored Blueprint for Regression: Project 2025 Targets Vulnerable Communities, Politicizes Independent Institutions, and Quashes Dissent, which explores the implications of the Heritage Foundation’s regressive and anti-democratic Project 2025, endangering the country’s most vulnerable communities. “The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 aims to transform, if not dismantle, fundamental civil and human rights that form the bedrock of a just, inclusive community,” write anderson and Voitl.

Eleanor Goldfield, cohost of the Project Censored Show, published I’ve Been Unhoused. It Could Happen to You. Let’s Stop Criminalizing It. Her article, posted at Truthout, exposes the “nefarious web of legislative brutality” that criminalizes unhoused people, warning that these policies are threats to all of us. For more on the topic, see the Project Censored Show from March 11, noted below.

The Project Censored Show

Follow the links for each episode to learn more about the Show’s featured guests and content. Find the comprehensive archive of Project Censored Show episodes here.