The State of Our So-Called Free Press: A Panel Discussion from St. Mary’s College

by Project Censored
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The Official Project Censored Show
The Official Project Censored Show
The State of Our So-Called Free Press: A Panel Discussion from St. Mary's College

On this week’s program, we hear an array of ideas about the condition of American journalism and the state of our so-called free press: red flags about the decline of local reporting and news deserts, and the rise in censorship by Big Tech, but also encouraging signs in the growth of independent non-commercial media. These issues were addressed in a recent panel discussion held at St. Mary’s College in northern California. The event was organized and hosted by Dr. Nolan Higdon. This week’s show consists of excerpts from that event.

-Mnar Adley is a Palestinian-American journalist, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Mint Press News based in Minneapolis.
-Maximilian Alvarez is a labor journalist, and editor-in-chief at the Real News Network, based in Baltimore.
Davey D is a radio talk show host, DJ, and historian of Hip-Hop. He formerly worked in commercial radio,
and now hosts “Hard Knock Radio” on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California.
-Mickey Huff is host of the Project Censored Show, director of Project Censored, and a professor at Diablo Valley College in Contra Costa County, California.
-Nolan Higdon is an author, a lecturer at St. Mary’s College, and a Project Censored National Judge.