The United Kingdom Unveils the Future UAV of the Future

by Project Censored
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Great Britain unveils Taranis the £140m Un-manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in July of 2010, to show the world the future of combat warfare, which not only uses satellites to control the drone, but is the first drone to come equipped with artificial intelligence. In the Warton Aerodrome station located in Lancashire, the BAE released information regarding their new UAV drone which shows that not only does it not need a pilot controlling where it goes, it is able to attack targets, defend itself, and operate itself autonomous to the British control rooms. This is one of the first fully functional robotic drones to fight without human influence or command. Although it is “Alien-like” this UAV is just the first of many in the works for several countries in the world.

Sources: Cartwright, Jon (2010, Nov 28). “Rise of the Robots and the Future of War,” The Guardian

Student Researcher: Kristopher Wilson

Evaluator: Eric J. Ziegelmayer, Ph.D.

photo from source