Toxic Fluoride — in Your Water and Your Food

by Project Censored
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease, especially when used to prevent tooth decay (FDA 2000). In reality, fluoride is a toxin and not one biological process has been shown to require fluoride. Quite the opposite, there is extensive evidence that fluoride can interfere with many important biological processes. And there are studies indicating that ingested fluoride is not effective in preventing tooth decay. While toothpaste and drinking water are often thought to be the leading sources of fluoride exposure, studies indicate that the most common source of exposure is conventionally farmed / non-organic foods.

Fluoride-based pesticides are typically sprayed on these foods, and a fluoride residue tends to stick to the food.  Washing your produce does not make it safe to eat.  In fact, it is almost impossible to wash off the sticky residue.  Iceberg lettuce can contain 180 parts per million of fluoride, which is many times higher than what is recommended to be consumed in your drinking water.  Grapes are one of the larger sources of fluoride, along with Citrus fruits, potatoes and black and green teas. Meats are also a source of fluoride exposure with animals ingesting sprayed produce.

Scientific findings over the past two decades have identified water fluoridation as a health risk that can cause brain, bone, thyroid, and kidney related diseases.  Since 1990, hundreds of cities across the world have banned the use of fluoride in public drinking water.  If your city has not taken this step, you can reduce fluoride consumption by becoming active in supporting an initiative in your city or town to ban fluoride. In light of growing public and scientific concern, the EPA has begun to examine its own guidelines for fluoridation. The EPA recently made a proposal recommending the level of fluoride in drinking water be set at the lowest end of the standard range of water treatment, while it initiates a further review of using fluoride in drinking water.


The health threat of fluoridation and fluoride-based pesticides is becoming clear, and is easy to end. Yet, like many censored problems, this is largely political. You can make a difference in your own health by avoiding fluoride — by buying organic foods, by seeking out a holistic dentist who does not use the chemical in their practice, getting a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride from drinking water and by educating yourself and others about the half-truth of “preventive” benefits claim, which deny fluoride toxicity and claim questionable benefits.


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