Trader Joe’s Employees Unionize Featuring Sarah Beth Ryther

by Project Censored
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Trader Joe's Employees Unionize Featuring Sarah Beth Ryther

For the first half of the show, Eleanor Goldfield looks into unionizing workers at a Trader Joe’s store in Minneapolis and what issues they are facing. She speaks with organizer Sarah Beth Ryther about the efforts as part of growing nationwide movement of organized workers. Then we hear a rebroadcast of a conversation recorded last year between Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth, the associate director of Project Censored, about how big tech companies are increasingly turning to proprietary algorithms (instead of human editors) to decide what material they post on their platforms, ultimately determining the news we see.

Sarah Beth Ryther is an employee at the Trader Joe’s store in Minneapolis, MN and a leader in the campaign to organize workers at that store. Andy Lee Roth is Associate Director of Project Censored, co-editor of the Project’s annual volume of censored stories, and co-coordinator of the Project’s Campus Affiliates Program. He has published widely on media matters, including the article discussed from The Markaz Review on “The New Gatekeepers.”