Trafficking Along the Haitian and Dominican Republic Border

by Project Censored
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Supposedly the Haitian and Dominican Republic borders are carefully watched, but according to the new numbers of Haitian children being smuggled, it is not supervised enough, or at least not by the correct people. Dominican border guards, soldiers, and United Nations peacekeepers are watching the borders to keep trafficking from happening. Yet nobody says anything about the obvious illegal scene occurring repeatedly in front of them. The numbers went from 950 young children before the earthquake to 7300 after the earthquake being smuggled like objects away from their homes in Haiti.

Traffickers appear to be paying others not to speak. People have witnessed children being smuggled, border patrollers being paid off, and traffickers offering up young children for sex and labor. Children are often held captive until their parents can pay the traffickers the money that they want. Cops have been seen to ignore young kids alone and homeless begging on busy streets, and child prostitutes walking with grown men holding hands. Why isn’t anything being done?

Student Researcher: Angelina Hulbert
Faculty Instructor: Elliot D. Cohen Ph.D.
Indian River State College

“Guards cash in on Smuggling Haitian Children” Gerardo Reyes and Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald, October 26, 2010