U.S. and Chile sign nuclear deal

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The United States has signed a long- awaited nuclear accord with Chile despite growing misgivings about the safety of nuclear power in Chile. President Obama was to be expected to sign the deal, however, in the end it was signed by Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno and the U.S. ambassador to Chile Alejandro Wolff, behind closed doors. It has been said many times that the deal is not to set forth the production of reactors, but to train the nuclear engineers. Moreno restated, “Chile is not in a condition to have nuclear energy and what has happened in Japan has done nothing more than underline that situation”. The pact simply allows for the United States to advise Chile if they ever want to take a part in developing nuclear energy in the upcoming future. Protests have begun already in the Chile’s capitol after the signing of the nuclear deal. The Chilean people and Environmentalist are confused and angered because it raises several questions of Chile’s future involvement in nuclear energy. Most believe that after what happened in Japan, Chile should be the last country to even think about nuclear power. As for the United States, Obama states that “nuclear energy is an important part of our own energy future”.

Student Researcher: Victoria Castaneda

Faculty Instructor: Professor Eliot Cohen, 
Indian River State College

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