U.S. Militarizes the Arctic

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The U.S. Navy is planning to begin an immense push to defend national security, potential undersea riches, and other maritime interests. The department of the Navy has developed a five year plan of action to expand the U.S. Navy fleet operations into the Arctic. They believe that by the year 2030, the Arctic Ocean will be open water and the opening land and ocean will be able to be used for the increase in transportation, research, and population growth. According to the article, tensions and disputes may arise from the competition for resources with the opening ocean. The U.S.is planning naval rearmament including basing 20% of the raptor fighter jets in Alaska. The article also reports the “action items” from the planning document from the Navy, which includes an assessment of current and required capabilities of undersea warfare and regional security co-operations, assessing current and future threats that may arise in the arctic region, and focus on threats to U.S. national security.

Title: U.S. Plots Arctic Push

New Source: The Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

Date of Publication: November 28, 2009

URL: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/navy+plots+Arctic+push/2278324/story.html

Author: Ian MacLeod

Researcher: Cassie Barthel

Faculty Evaluator: Julie Andrzejewski

St. Cloud State University