UN Concludes that US Failed to Pursue Church Pedophilia

by Project Censored
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The United Nations has accused the United States for failing to pursue cases of child sex abuse among religious leaders and groups. The report made by the Committee on the Rights of the Child highlighted the fact that clerics and staff of religious institutions in the US have been responsible for the sexual abuse of children. In fact, “approximately 80 percent of reported cases of sexual abuse of minors worldwide have happened in the United States.” The American Catholic Church tries to cover up the fact that there are many scandals of sexual abuse towards minors. When he resigned, Pope Benedict apologized for widespread abuse in the Church. The United States already has paid over $2 billion in damages to victims of abuse, but they don’t properly investigate the cases and the fail to prosecute them.


“US Failed to Pursue the Church Pedophilia: UN,” Press TV, February 19, 2013, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/02/19/289830/us-failed-to-pursue-church-pedophilia-un/

Student Researcher: Suemy May, College of Marin

Faculty Evaluator: Susan Rahman, College of Marin