UN Negligence is Killing Child Refugees in Kosovo

by Project Censored
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Student Researcher: Drew Kurtz

Faculty Instructor and Evaluator: Bryan Sacks

Nine years have passed since extremist Albanians destroyed homes in Mitrovica, Kosovo. Three refugee camps were created by the UN to house about 500 people whose homes were destroyed during the uprising. During the construction of these camps, it was stated that the camps were on a toxic waste dump. The UN promised to find new housing within 45 days or move the families to safe clean areas. However, even after nine years nothing has been done to move these families away from danger.

Two of the camps have been closed, but the families were moved just 50 meters away. Lead poisoning has become a big issue for the families. 77 people have died in these camps, and 50 miscarriages due to suspected lead poisoning have also occurred. Many suffer from liver and brain damage, among other maladies, and many children are expected to die prematurely.

The UN says new houses for these refugees will not be built for a couple of years.

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