UN Votes to Oppose U.S. Cuban Embargo Twenty Years in a Row

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For fifty years now the United States has maintained an ongoing trade embargo against Cuba.  For the 20th year in a row, the UN General Assembly has voted to condemn this economic embargo on Cuba. This year the votes was YES (against embargo) – 186

NO (in favor of embargo) – 2 ABSTAIN – 3.

Last year there were 187 votes in favor of ending U.S. sanctions on Cuba, two against (Israel and the U.S.) and three abstentions (Palau, Marshall Islands, and Micronesia). Even close allies of the US oppose the embargo.

“Japan shares the concern, arising from the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996 (known as the Helms-Burton Act) and the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992, that, if application of such legislation causes undue hardship in relation to the economic activities of the enterprises or nationals of a third party, the legislation is likely to run counter to international law regarding the extraterritorial application of domestic laws.”

“Mexico emphasizes that [the embargo] has serious humanitarian consequences that are contrary to international law and, moreover, signify the abandonment of diplomacy and dialogue as the appropriate ways of settling disputes between States.”

“The Government of Mexico has also consistently opposed Cuba’s economic and political-diplomatic isolation. It has therefore firmly supported Cuba’s inclusion in all regional integration machinery in order to promote economic and commercial exchange, cooperation and development.”

On a trip to Latin America this year, President Obama stated that ‘The U.S. seeks a new beginning with Cuba.’ Again, the members of the Non-aligned Movement ask the U.S. to match these words with actions.

Title: UN Cuba Vote Against Embargo”

Source – Latin America Working Group / 10-25-11

Author – Latin American Working Group




Student Researcher – Jacob Donnan, Sonoma State University

Evaluator – Sam O’rourke-Lepine, Sonoma State University