US and British Intelligence Have Repeatedly Tried to Kill Qaddafi CIA Involved in Libya’s Civil War

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Former MI5 operative, David Shayler, revealed that in the early 1990’s he paid a sum of over one hundred thousand dollars to Al Qaeda cell in Libya to assassinate Qaddafi. A bomb was placed inside what was thought to be Qaddafi’s vehicle, this turned out to be false and this first attempt failed. In 1996 an MI5 operative who was working at the Libya desk collaborated with a radical Islamic group called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group to assassinate Qaddafi.  This once again failed.

In 1986, the US falsely accused Libya of bombing a discotheque in Berlin. President Ronald Reagan attempted to assassinate Qaddafi  by bombing his residence at Bab al-Azizia in Tripoli. Qaddafi’s daughter and over one hundred Libyans were killed. Next, Libya was falsely accused of the 1988 Pan Am Lockerbie bombing as an excuse for initiating sanctions, in order to economically cripple the country.

Numerous attempts have been made to assassinate Qaddafi; so far none have been successful.  Now using what Libya claims is an invalid and illegal UN resolution as a pretext, the U.S., Britain, France and Spain are bombing the North African country with a military might that has not been seen since the Gulf war. This has not been the first time a super power has attempted to change the regime in Libya.

The Libyan National Council, the Benghazi-based group that speaks for the rebel forces fighting the Gaddafi regime, has appointed a long-time CIA collaborator to head its military operations. Khalifa Hifter’s arrival in Benghazi was first reported by Al Jazeera on March 14. The Daily Mail described Hifter as one of the “two military stars of the revolution” who “had recently returned from exile in America to lend the rebel ground forces some tactical coherence. McClatchy Newspapers published a profile of Hifter on Sunday. Headlined “New Rebel Leader Spent Much of Past 20 years in Suburban Virginia,” the article notes that he was once a top commander  for the Gaddafi regime, until “a disastrous military adventure in Chad in the late 1980s.” T profile is a thinly disguised indication of Hifter’s role as a CIA operative


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Student Researcher: Robert Block, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University