US Colonialism Continues on Guam: Residents Organize Against US Plans for $15B Military Buildup

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The Pacific island of Guam, the United States is planning an enormous military buildup of some $15 billion on the Pacific Island of Guam.  The project would turn the thirty-mile-long island into a major hub for US military operations in the Pacific. It has been described as the largest military buildup in recent history and could bring as many as 50,000 new people to the tiny island. The indigenous Chamoru community of Guam with over 60,000 residents remains one of only sixteen non-self-governing UN-recognized colonies, of the world. While legally considered US citizens, Chamoru are not allowed vote for the US president. They have no effective, meaningful representation in the US Congress .T he entire population of Guam is approximately 171,000, and the Chomoru population makes up roughly 37 percent. The added military build up would further undermine any possibility of self government by adding some 50,000 new residents on the island. Guam is one of the longest-colonized islands in the Pacific. Guam was colonized by Spain for almost 300 years and then by the United States since 1898 until the present.Between 1946 to 1958, the US dropped more than sixty nuclear weapons on the people of the Marshall Islands. One bomb dropped only 1,200 miles from Guam, was the equivalent of 1.6 or 1.7 Hiroshima bombs every day for twelve years resulting in long term radioactive exposures to the Chamoru population.

Title: Guam Residents Orgainze Against US Plans for $15 billion Military Buildup on Pacific Island

Source:Democracy Now! 10/09/2009

Reporter: Juan Gonzalez interviews: Julian Aguon


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