US Enables Indonesian Terrorism

by Project Censored
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According to documents uncovered by investigator Allan Nairn, Indonesia’s special security forces, Kopassus, have systematically targeted civilian political targets and these acts have been supported by the U.S. government since July 2010. Nairn asserted that the Kopassus has targeted churches and engaged in torture, rape, invasion, and extrajudicial murder of civilian targets. Indirect U.S. support for these acts has ranged from political endorsement, financial assistance, and weapons training. The initial motivation for the U.S. support of Kopassus was the fight against terrorism. Nairn has made himself available for major media interviews since releasing “Breaking News” Secret Files Show Kopassus, Indonesia’s Special Forces, Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians.” This report broke as President Obama visited the region in November 2010. John Miller, coordinator for the East Timor & Indonesia Action Network, has urged Obama to “decisively break with past U.S. support” for these unspeakable acts.

Source: Husseini, Sam & David Zupan (2010, Nov 10). “U.S. & Murderous Military in Indonesia.” IPA

Student Researcher: Phil Stever

Faculty Evaluator: Dr. Christina Knopf, Department of English & Communication, SUNY Potsdam