US linked to Brutal Businessman in Honduras

by Project Censored

Wikileaks has revealed US ties to Honduras wealthiest businessman and political heavyweight Miguel Facusse. Miguel Facusse’s private security guards, known locally as sicarios, have been connected with alleged assassinations and armed attacks in the impoverished campisno of the Aguan Valley where Facusse owns approximately one-fifth of the land.


Human rights groups all over the world are claiming Facusse’s relationship with paramilitary groups throughout Honduras, as well as connections with large cocaine shipments landing on Faccuse’s heavily guarded compound. Despite his involvement with the coup the US embassy has met at least twice with Facusse. Also, US continues to funnel funds into training of the military and police forces in Honduras known to be operating jointly with the security operations of Facusse.


Honduran President Portifirio Lobo continues to speak out about his commitment to defending human rights and war on drugs with the backing of Obama. In reality both supporting Facusse’s economic interests and a war against Honduran campesinos.


Title: Wikileaks Honduras:US linked to Brutal businessman

Author: Dana Frank

Publication: The Nation



Student Researcher: Rachel Miller-Hee, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: Noel Byrne, Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University