US Reaching Out to Countries Endorsing Genetically Modified Foods

by Project Censored
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According to the recent information leaked by WikiLeaks, details have emerged that the United States has been pushing efforts to promote genetically modified (GM) crops and biotechnology across the globe, including the Vatican, where US diplomats pushed the Roman Catholic Church to support biotech food in developing nations. Embassies in Spain, Austria and even Pakistan reveal the US diplomas have clearly sided with the biotech industry.

The diplomats reported that Catholic leaders said the science and safety of GM food would soon be a “non-issue” in the Vatican and signaled a cautious acceptance of biotech products despite active opposition among the faithful: Preoccupation at the Vatican, they said, was tied more to economic arguments, as some fear that widespread use of GMO food in the developing world would subjugate its farmer population and become a form of economic imperialism simply serving to enrich multi-national corporations.

Title: US to Vatican: Genetically Modified Food Is a “Moral Imperative”
Source:, 12/29/10

Author: Mike Ludwig
Student Researcher: Cameron Cleveland, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator: James Preston, Sonoma State University