US Readies Five Million Watt Cattle Prod for Crowd Control

by Project Censored
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The Occupy movement has prompted the US government on the need to be prepared for mass demonstrations. Weapon manufactures are jumping at this opportunity to capitalize on the current demand for non-lethal crowd controlling tools. A 5 million watt tactical cattle prod has been developed just for that purpose.

Donovan Hunter of Stunning Developments, Inc. showcased the new BattleProd at 2012 SOFIC(Special Operations Forces Industry Conference), as the world’s first weapon-mountable pain compliance-inducing stun baton which Hunter says is designed for use in “crowd control applications.” The event was sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

“This thing is just too much fun. I mean, what’s not too like? It gives you 3-5 million volts of compliance-inducing electricity either in your hand (handheld variant) or at the end of your weapon (rifle/carbine, weapon-mountable variant). Touch the BattleProd anywhere on the rod (front, sides, etc.), and you’re goin’ down like a sack a’ potatoes. Actually, you’re probably goin’ night-night for a little while,” writes David Crane.

Not only will demonstrators face electronic prodding in the future also LRAD sonic weapons, as seen on discovery channels Whale Wars, are being deployed throughout America in readiness for civil unrest and other crisis’s. The Government has had time to prepare for what they witnessed last September and next time they will be ready.

Title: 5 Million Volt Cattle Prod Developed For “Crowd Control”
Author: Paul Joseph Watson
Publication: Infowars, 10/2/12

Researcher: Matt Galvez, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University