US Right-Wing Denounces Democracy

by Project Censored
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Throughout the first part of February the World witnessed Egypt’s move toward democracy. Dictator Honsi Mubarak, although spreading several lies about the violent intentions of the pro-democracy protestors, was peacefully overthrown by his own people.

While majority of the World rejoiced the event and supported the protestors actions, back home in America right-wing propaganda machine lead by Fox News openly denounced the pro-democracy movement. They claimed the protestors were acting as communists, socialists, leftists, and even marxists going against their own leader. They call themselves news but in reality are a propaganda outfit deceiving Americans into believing they are balanced and a fair source of information. This emerging corporate power structure lies to Americans helping them create their own America based on free market. Right-wings intertwined with it such as corporate managers, elected officials and others who spread their propaganda have become extremely wealthy lying to the country.

This right-wing propaganda machine does not want America to know their real goals of transforming the country into a corporatocracy. As with the situation in Egypt, the right-wings made extreme accusations of the pro-democracy protestors creating a misleading perspective towards them by Americans to keep them from doing the same. Fear of Americans rising up against the propaganda machine demanding real democracy without influences of corporate lobbyist swept through them. These right-wings become wealthy off a big business dominated democracy and cannot face the idea of Americans realizing their goals and overthrowing them.

Title: Right-Wing Denounces Democracy
Source: Daily Censored, 2/13/11
Author: HurricaneDean


Student Researcher: Craig Cekala, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Peter Philips, Sonoma State University