US Solders Murder Children and Dishonor their Bodies

by Project Censored
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German magazine Der Spiegel released images taken by U.S. soldiers of children they murdered and mutilated in Afghanistan. While the Obama’s preached in a poor village in Santiago Chile about Human Rights, these images of smiling soldiers kneeling next to naked children they had just massacred. The soldiers not only took the village children’s lives but also they ripped out their teeth and fingertips to keep as keepsakes along with the pictures of them holding the dead bodies up by their hair. Allegedly the soldiers fired on the village’s children because they had threatened the soldiers with live grenades. Jeremy Morlock one of the soldiers in that group who participated in these incidents has agreed to negotiate his declaration against his colleagues and superiors, to reduce his sentence for the murders. This group of soldiers referred to themselves as “Team Death”, after the killed one of the village kids they detonated a grenade over the bodies and spread the remains, a normal ritual for this killer team. According to Der Spiegel more than 4,000 images and videos were captured during their four-month investigation.

Title: Let the children come to me.
Source: Proyecto Censurado 2/11
Author: Ernesto Carmona

Student Researcher: Ana Elliott

Professional Evaluator: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University