US Special Forces Murder Family in Syria

by Project Censored
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On October 26, 2008, U.S. helicopters stormed a farm near the Iraq-Syria border and brutally killed 7 people within the farm walls.  Anonymous Pentagon sources claimed that there was an Al-Qaeda terrorist, Abu Ghadiya, with in the walls of the farm. This terrorist is held responsible for smuggling men and arms across the Iraqi-Syrian border.

In the process of “killing” this terrorist, U.S. killed 7 people within the farm walls. They killed a father, his four sons, including a teenage boy, the father’s visiting friend, and the night watchman.  The U.S. troops also severely wounded the night watches wife; she and her six-year-old son along with a man Hamid, were the only survivors.  As witnesses of this event say that there was no one was shooting back at the U.S. Soldiers because they had no weapons to fire back.

It became suspicious when there were no reports of Al-Qaeda terrorists, or Abu Ghadiya, death. These people were brutally shot, 10 or more bullets to each body, and there is no body or official report that this terrorist was killed. There also was no official announcement about the raid.  Al-Qaeda in Iraq, in August of 2006, announced the death of Ghadiya. One Syrian official says that the U.S. never showed him any proof that Ghadiya was alive after 2006.

Title: The Murders at al-Sukariya

Source: Vanity Fair October 27, 2008


Author: Reese Erlich and Peter Coyote

Student Researcher: Trinity Cambon

Faculty Advisor:  Keith Gouveia

Sonoma State University