Vatican Supports Occupy Wall Street

by Project Censored
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The Occupy Wall Street protests are bringing long-overdue attention to issues of economic injustice, including the unfair and irresponsible practices of the financial industry and the need for an economy that works for all of us.  The protests are bringing a lot of attention to themselves including that of the Vatican.

The Vatican is now calling for stricter regulation of global financial markets, a tax on financial transactions, and a global authority that can enforce these new rules.  The Vatican even confirms a shared view.  Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the council that authored the Vatican’s note, said that the “basic sentiment” of the Occupy movement is in line with Catholic social teachings.  Working for a more just economy is not limited to Catholicism, however. Interfaith organizations such as Interfaith Worker Justice and PICO focus on wage theft, globalization, workforce development, and low-income housing.  Vatican note states, this global economic crisis requires the concerted efforts of everyone, a thorough examination of every facet of the problem—social, economic, cultural, and spiritual.

Title: Vatican Supports Occupy Wall Street

Source: Reader Supported News October 25 2011

Author:Cindy Wooden


Student Researcher- Cameron Orsi, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator- Cynthia Boaz, Sonoma State University