Want a Passport? Better Find Your Circumcision Records

by Project Censored
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It is now harder than ever to obtain a U.S. passport. Since September 11th ordering a passport now costs $135 (before September 11th it cost $25.)

Along with providing their Social Security number, the State Department has proposed a new “Biographical Questionnaire” that if approved would have to be completed to receive a passport.

Sample questions include: Mother’s residence one year before birth, mother’s residence one year after birth, circumstances of birth including names of persons present, any religious or institutional recoding of birth (for example baptism, circumcision, or other religious ceremonies.), a list of every address at which one has resided since birth, the name and telephone number of every supervisor at every job the individual has had in their life- including temporary work.

The State Department can share the information obtained through the questionnaire as “routine use.” Almost anyone can receive this information, US and foreign government agencies, private contractors, international organizations etc. The State Department estimates that only about 7,400 persons per year will need to complete this form, that’s about .5% of persons applying for a passport.

Title: Want a Passport? Better Find Your Circumcision Records!
Source: nestmann.sovereignsociety.com, April 1st, 2011
Author: Mark Nestmann

Student Researcher: Garrett Scafani, Sonoma State University
Faculty Advisor: Kathy Charmaz, Sonoma State University