Washington Post’s Kaplan University Strong Arms Whistleblowers

by Project Censored
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Kaplan University, the for profit college subsidairy of the Washington Post Company has been the subject of about a half dozen false claims whistle blower law suits filed by former employees — and they are not happy about it. The Post Company recently settled one suit with the Department of Justice for $1.6 million related to allegations of defrauding students at the CHI surgical tech program in Broomall, PA.

The Washington Post Company is using such tactics as employment termination, criminal prosecution and civil suite in order to silence and intimidate current and future whistle blowing by employees. As a result of these tactics, Ben Wilcox, who was the former director of legal studies at Washington Post Company’s Kaplan University, was sentenced to prison on July 20, 2011. He was prosecuted for allegedly hacking into Kaplan’s computer system in 2007 and making threats to take the computer system down. Wilcox denied the claim at trial and said he was framed, yet was still sentenced to a year in prison.

Then again on October 26, 2011 Kaplan filed suit and obtained a temporary restraining order against former directors Jonathan David and Ali Ahmed for computer fraud. Allegedly the information they were caught downloading from company computers was going to be used in a false claim suit against Kaplan.

Another similar case is with whistle blower Carlos Urquilla Diaz, who has a lawsuit pending in Florida claiming in April 2005 he was fired by Kaplan as an act of retaliation. Diaz informed them he was going to file a complaint with State and Federal authorities related to dishonest practices, and was fired soon after.


Title: “Washington Post Co silences Employees with Intimidation: Kaplan Again”

Source: DailyCensored.com, November 3, 2011

Author: Danny Weil

URL: http://dailycensored.com/2011/11/03/washington-post-co-silences-employees-with-intimidation-kaplan-again/


Student Researcher: Brianna Santo- Sonoma State University

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