We are expanding through a collaborative project

by Project Censored

As a vital supporter of Project Censored, your continued backing has encouraged the Project’s vitality and growth over the last four decades.  We are now ready to make significant advances in support of our mission, but we need your help both with funding and publicity.

Project Censored currently coordinates students and faculty at 25 affiliated college and university campuses across the US and around the world, as part of our “networked news commons.” In the next two years, we aim to triple the number of affiliated campuses, to bring the benefits of Project Censored’s critical media analysis work to more students and a broader public.

We are expanding through a collaborative project with colleagues at the Action Coalition for Media Education and Sacred Heart University’s new graduate program in Media Literacy and Digital Culture, the first one of its kind in the US. This new joint venture—the Global Critical Media Literacy Project (GCMLP)—will provide students with hands-on opportunities to pursue social justice through a curriculum based on service learning and critical media literacy.  Students and teachers networked through the GCMLP will publish scholarly research focused on the core tenets of investigative journalism,/social science and news media criticism—work that will be made available to the public through the GCMLP website.

The 100 page GCMLP curriculum guide (link), six months in development, is a continuation of the great work Project Censored has been doing for 40years with additional research and lessons added in by scholars from ACME and Sacred Heart University. Please take the time to read our new resource guide. We think this curriculum offers a cutting edge of critical media education for a millennial generation of young college students. Our immediate goal is to provide training sessions to faculty on 50 college campuses in critical media literacy over the next twelve months and distribute 1,000 copies of our curriculum to instructors around the world.

We are dedicated to student education as a means of promoting democracy, freedom of expression, and greater equality in society as a whole. The cornerstone of the program—developing students’ critical media literacy through hands-on engagement—involves empowering students to critically assess existing media structures and practices so that they can contribute to the development of an alternative system that better reflects their diversity and serves our common good.

In order to achieve the goal of adding fifty new campuses in twelve months we need both your support in helping promote this important effort. Please visit the GCMLP  website and sign up for information updates. You can announce joining on Facebook and other social media and encourage others to join is as well.

To reach the goal of fifty new campuses teaching GCMLP curriculum, we need to raise an additional $100,000 above our regular Project Censored budget in the next three months. Many of you find monthly giving more comfortable. We have over 300 people giving $5—$50 monthly, now is the time to consider increasing your monthly gift or become a monthly supporter for the first time. Many of you are regular donors who write checks or donate through PayPal ranging from $25 to $5000 or more, please try to make your end of the year tax deductible donation to Project Censored’s GCMLP this year.

Please become a founder sponsor for GCMLP. With your help we can all move forward to global media awareness based on academic principles and human rights.

Mickey Huff, Director Project Censored
Peter Phillips, Ph.D., President Media Freedom Foundation/ Project Censored
Andy Lee Roth Ph.D., Associate Director Project Censored

Checks Payable to:
Media Freedom Foundation/ Project Censored GCMLP
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