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Each month, we’ll share an overview with our subscribers updating what we’ve been up to, including a round up of important news and analysis around issues of media freedom, censorship, and the state of our so-called free press.

Here are some highlights from the past month!

Avram Anderson and our own Andy Lee Roth published a new article on the slanted media coverage of the Equality Act, and the landmark civil rights legislation, at Truthout. It is a must read!

Since March 26, we have added over 20 new Validated Independent News Stories (VINs)! Story highlights include coverage of police use of dogs as instruments of violencehistoric wave of wildcat strikes for workers’ rights, and whistleblowers challenge official narrative on Syrian chemical weapons attacks. You can check out all of the VINs here.

Don’t forget to tune in to the weekly Project Censored Show, now in its 11th year. Project director and host Mickey Huff featured the Complete Picture Project, an organization that assembles videos of nonviolent offenders facing sentencing, so that a judge can consider more about an offender’s entire life, rather than only the criminal record. Other recent broadcasts included Medea Benjamin and Abby Martin on President Biden’s foreign policy; scholar John K. Wilson on student press freedom, as well as the legacy of Rush Limbaugh and the Fairness Doctrine; a historic conversation between Dan Ellsberg, Peter Dale Scott, and historian Peter Kuznick; and an update on YouTube’s censorship of our own co-sponsored critical media literacy conference channel from last fall.

Andy Lee Roth of Project Censored also had a great article in The Markaz Review on how proprietary algorithms increasingly determine the news we see. If you are at interested in how the algorithms and artificial intelligence programs controlled by big tech companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter are affecting every day life, you will find this interesting. Andy recently joined the editor of the Review, Jordan Elgrably, on the Project Censored Show to discuss “Why Truth?” along with his recent article.

As our supporters know, we do a lot with a little, and the return of our monthly newsletter is designed as a reminder of the many ways the Project works to support a truly independent free press, fight censorship in its many guises, and promote critical news media literacy education. In addition to the highlights listed above, since January, we’ve hosted a round table discussion with leading media scholars on the January 6th events at the Capitol, Andy presented at the Pacific Sociological Association’s annual conference, Mickey hosted Bancroft prize-winning historian Claudio Saunt (Unworthy Republic) for a KPFA special event, and the PC team has been hard at work on a new and exciting endeavor that we’ll be sharing with you all in next month’s newsletter. Stay tuned!

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