What’s next for the United States?

by Project Censored

Between the years of 1860 and 1861 eleven states in total decided to secede from the United States of America. After these states successfully seceded they became known as the Confederate states of America, and from this action sprung one of the most devastating wars this country has ever been a part of – the United States Civil War.

Recently towards the end 2012, there were several online petitions in place for states that were looking to “peacefully” secede from the United States. The petition was placed on a government website in which the government will give answers to those petitions that reach a minimum of 25,000 electronic signatures. The most popular of the states that are attempting to secede are North Carolina and Texas which have both reached and surpassed the required minimum.

In the past, though, states have made an effort to secede but they have all ultimately failed thus far with the exception of the events leading to the Civil War. With so many signatures being collected, Can we say that this is a fair representation of how the people of the United States feel? With over 1 million signatures collected in almost every state in such a short time frame, should the United States government allow these states to peacefully secede? If so, what does the future of this nation look like?


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Student Researcher: Tchael Jeune, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot Cohen, Indian River State College


The United States is considered to be a Democracy or a Democratic Republic to be exact. A democracy is supposed to be different than a dictatorship. We elect our officials to make the choices that we vote upon and choose. Every person is supposed to have a voice and each opinion matters. In fact the preamble of the constitution opens up saying “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union.” Therefore we live in a country that is in the hands of the people. Or is it?

Often times we hear of people that have problems with the government or about people who do not like the way the government is currently run. Also there can be disputes between members of different political parties due to views and ideals, such as Democrats and Republicans. But what happens when a large number of people not only in one but a reasonable number of states begin to complain so much that they are willing to secede as an entire state. Certainly this should be cause for alarm. The last time that there were any states that attempted and achieved succession, the United States fought a civil war.

Towards the end of the 2012 year there were several petitions posted on the government’s “We the People” website. (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/) This is a website in which people can post petitions and spread them around so that other people can sign them too. One of the petitions asked for something pretty hasty. They asked the Obama administration to “Peacefully grant the state of Virginia to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own New Government.” Has the United States become so bad of a place to live that people are willing to create their own nation? People always say that the grass is greener on the other side until they see it for themselves.

If a petition for an entire state to secede is receiving tens and hundreds of thousands of signatures then it must be obvious that somewhere something is not going right. It is very possible that there are numerous other people who feel the same way but just did not get the chance to see the petition for themselves. If we do not put in the effort as a country to resolve our problems then we are only doomed for failure. We cannot have people just trying to run away from their problems or others ignoring it. According to the White House one of the states petitioning gained approximately 32,000 signatures. This state was Tennessee. The government responded to their petition by rejecting it. They stated that the Union was Indestructible and perpetual.However the union has collapsed before and who is to say that it will not and cannot happen again. After all, history tends to repeat itself often. If we do not make ourselves aware of what is going on then we might just loose the Union altogether. Contempt for the government may grow until it is overthrown. The bigger you are the harder you fall and in this case even the greatest establishments and civilizations have failed in the past, for instance the Roman Empire.

Alternatively, maybe it is the people that is the problem rather than the government. Asking the White House itself permission to leave the union and create a new government is taking a large leap of faith. There are many people who say that they do not like the way the government is run but not very many of them take it as far as saying that they want to leave the United States and create essentially their own country and their own government. As American citizens we have rights and privileges but yet there are certain things that we cannot accept. For example we cannot accept the government to put in place a dictatorship. So is it ethical for these people signing these online petitions to ask for the United States government to grant their state permission to break away?

Americans do not like the way things are being run now. The government’s moral duty is to keep up with the opinions of Americans and make the effort to satisfy as many as possible. While we cannot expect every single American to agree with how the country is run we can hope to please a majority of them. When almost one million people sign a petition to secede there is reason for concern. The government cannot just expect to ignore and reject these requests without there being consequences. Americans should enjoy living in the country because it is their sense of pride and nationalism that have kept us afloat for so long. The American Government needs to step up and efficiently tackle the issues that are making so many Americas uncomfortable.