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by Project Censored
For over 36 years now, Project Censored has been committed to bringing the most vital stories to public awareness with the belief that genuine democracy depends on freedom of the press. Our latest book, Censored 2013:  Dispatches From the Media Revolution, has drawn international attention to some of the most important underreported stories of our times and we are researching many stories for our next book already. We continue to need your vital support of Project Censored as we transition and expand our work to bring forth the most important news stories of the year both in print and online. Independent media, both on the local and national level, is at risk.This is just one of the reasons that Project Censored and the Media Freedom Foundation just gave Media Freedom Awards to the KPFA Flashpoints radio team at our recent book release celebration in Santa Rosa.Help us support the critical independent voices that cover the “news that doesn’t make the news.”Project Censored is not only working on new underreported stories but spreading the word via our new Daily Censored website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and our Media Freedom Foundation Daily News Feed site which aggregates independent news from many of the most reliable sources around the world…We are also working closely with filmmakers Doug Hecker and Christopher Oscar to finish an epic endeavor- Project Censored:  The Movie- in late 2013!Project Censored is the oldest media watchdog research group in the US with a specific focus on education and media literacy. We are involved in an ongoing and growing collaboration with the college and university affiliates program through Media Freedom International. We not only continue to pursue censored media with this effort, but in addition there are also now over 30 affiliates with more on the way, including some from Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The last several books contained work from over 20 affiliates, with some placing stories in the top ten. The MFI website will be a home base for affiliate work and continue to publish Validated Independent News stories and more detailed academic, investigative reports year round in the effort to combat censorship and the ongoing Truth Emergency in the United States and around the world.

We would like to personally ask each of you to consider a gift of support so that we may continue our work. Our project requires us to raise $150,000 every year and given the cutbacks in the California State system and non profit foundation grants, your individual support is more vital to us now more than ever. Please make your tax deductible donation using paypal below, become an official supporter here, or mail a check to:

Project Censored P.O. Box 571 Cotati, CA 94931.


Prof. Mickey Huff, Director Project Censored; with Dr. Peter Phillips, President, Media Freedom Foundation; and Dr. Andy Lee Roth, Associate Director Project Censored


Media Freedom Foundation is the Fiscal Non-profit Fund Raising Corporation that Supports Project Censored and related Media Freedom Efforts. The following is a list of foundations that have supported Project Censored and the Media Freedom Foundation in the PastThe Caipirinha Foundation http://www.culturesofresistance.orgQuixote Foundation: http://www.quixotefoundation.org/

Working Assets: http://www.credomobile.com

Tides Foundation: http://www.tides.org/

Agape Foundation: www.agapefdn.org/

Nation Institute: http://www.nationinstitute.org/

C.S. Fund: http://www.csfund.org/

Stern Family Fund: http://www.sternfund.org/