Wind Power Derailed by International Energy Agency

by Project Censored
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Student Researcher: Ashleigh Hvinden

Faculty Evaluator: Erv Peterson

The international body that advises most major governments around the world on energy policy is obstructing a global switch to renewable power because of its ties to the oil, gas and nuclear sectors, according to Energy Watch, a group of politicians and scientists. A report published by the group claims that the International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes misleading data on renewables and consistently underestimates potential of wind, solar, and sea power, while promoting oil, coal, and nuclear as “irreplaceable” technologies. The report says that the number of wind turbines installed over the last decade has grown by 30 percent annually, and total wind power capacity is more than 90GW – the equivalent of 90 conventional coal or nuclear power stations. It adds that the boom in wind energy is “so far barely touched by any sign of recession or financial crisis.” If current trends continue, the report claims, wind capacity could reach 7,500GW by 2025 – making half of all new power projects wind or solar. Conventional power stations could be phased out completely by 2037. Werner Zittel of Energy Watch said, “Wind, coupled with hydro, solar, biomass and geothermal energy is not only a rapid and cost-effective alternative, but one that could deliver all our energy requirements within the first half of the century.”

“International Energy Agency ‘blocking global switch to renewables’” David Adam, Guardian UK, January 9, 2009