‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Used 9/11 Phone Call Without Permission

by Project Censored
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A Connecticut woman whose son died in the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center says she is upset that the Oscar-winning movie “Zero Dark Thirty” used a recording of his last words without her permission.  Mary Fetchet’s son, Bradley, died in the World Trade Center’s South Tower on 9/11.  Before his death, he left a voicemail with his mother.

The filmmakers of “Zero Dark Thirty” used that voicemail in their film, without the family’s permission.  Sony Pictures Entertainment said in a statement that the filmmakers contacted several relatives of 9/11 victims about using voice recordings. Mary Fetchet of New Canaan told the news that she was shocked that the filmmakers didn’t ask if they could use the voicemail her son left on her phone that day.

Her complaint is one in a long line of controversies concerning the film and the actions that the filmmakers took to complete it.   Acting CIA director Michael Morell has asserted that “Zero Dark Thirty” is a “dramatization” and “not a real portrayal of facts.”  While the Senate Intelligence Committee chose to drop its inquiry the day after the Oscars, for Mary Fetchet, her son’s final voicemail remains very real.


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Student Researcher:  Anthony Battaglia, College of Marin

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